Associate Licensed Ministers

Serve the church and community on a voluntary basis by participating in services, ministering the Word, and performing weddings and funerals upon request. Call the church office for contact information.


Assist the Senior Pastor in serving the needs of the church family, providing guidance, hope and comfort to members, within assigned zip code areas. Ensure that Salem members are visited and prayed for during times of hospitalization, upon request.

Meetings: 4th Saturday
Chair: Deacon Greg Johnson
Co-Chair: Deacon Carl Christian


Provide guidance, counsel, and advice to women within the church; assist Deacons with the preparation of communion and baptism, and serve in other capacities, as needed.

Leader: Mother Elexia Fairley
Asst. Leader: Mother Geraldine Cowan


Manage the affairs and financial business of the church in consultation with the Senior Pastor.

Meetings: last Tuesday of each month
Chair: Trustee Wes Hutcherson
Vice Chair: Trustee Roger Sayers