Music and Worship

Bread of Life Speech Choir

Edifies the Body of Christ through the spoken Word of God.

Scheduled as needed to prepare for special events
Leader: Sister Velma J. Sanders

Drama Ministry

Performs biblical stories and everyday life dramas that present Christ and uplift the saints through word and song.

Schedule: as needed
Leader: Sister Llana Smith

Gospel Choir

Exalts the Lord and encourages the Body of Christ through various music styles with special emphasis on traditional gospel music.

Schedule: Rehearses Tuesdays, 8:00 PM; Ministers on 2nd Sundays
Director: Sister Shirley Terrell-Jordan

The Levites

Expresses thanksgiving and adoration to God vocally and in bodily expression; equips, enables and encourages the congregation to actively minister to God, others, and themselves through praise and worship.

Schedule: Rehearses Wednesday nights, 6:30 PM; Ministers in all services
Leader: Minister of Music Ananias “Markey” Montague

Seasonal Choirs

Provides Salem members the opportunity to express themselves through music on a short-term basis; seasonal choirs include the New Member Choir, Men’s Choir and Women’s Choir.

Schedule: as needed
Director: Minister of Music Ananias “Markey” Montague

Spirits in Movement Dance Ministry (ages 13+)

Edifies the body of Christ through liturgical, mime, modern, and interpretative dance.

Schedule: as needed
Leader: Sister Shirley Terrell-Jordan

Voices of Victory

Shares the Gospel through praise, hymns, and spiritual songs as Salem’s principal choir; has a rich history and tradition of excellence in Omaha’s music community and the national gospel music arena; "They That Wait" recordings are available for purchase on Salem’s website and through the bookstore.

Schedule: Rehearses Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM
Ministers on 1st and 4th Sundays
Director: Minister of Music Ananias “Markey” Montague